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Necromunda: ‘Nightmarish’ Delaque Reinforcements Coming Soon – New Rules Revealed

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Jul 19 2021

Games Workshop is showcasing the new “Nightmare” reinforcements of House Delaque. It’s about to get weird.

So we already got a look at these new House Delaque models/reinforcements coming in the new House of Shadow book. That doesn’t make them any less creepy. These things look like they could have been delveloped by some Dark Mechanicus sect – or maybe the spies of Delaque are really just that …creepy at building robots.

Anyhow, we’re getting a better idea of what these models will do on the tabletop and in your games of Necromunda – so let’s takea  closer look!



First up we have the new Nacht-Ghuls. On a creepy scale, these guys aren’t the highest. That’s mostly because they are basically enhanced Delaque Ninjas with some extra cyberware. They are described as:

” peerless assassins and saboteurs. If someone is murdered in mysterious circumstances on Necromunda, there’s a pretty good chance that a Nacht-Ghul did it – though good luck to any Enforcers trying to prove that.”

So what does that translate to in games terms? Well to kick things off, they have a base strength of 4. That’s pretty solid in Necromunda. But they also have some special rules to match.

Creepin’ from the shadows…how very Delaque, right? On top of those “fun” abilities, we also have some previews of those weapons:


“The shivver sword gives them more chance of taking a fighter out of action, but our favourite option is the serpent’s fangs, which make your Nacht-Ghuls a fearsome Strength 6 in close combat, and it completely ignores enemy fighter’s armour.”

Yikes! Watch out for that ganger, ya know, if you can spot them before they strike. Maybe just avoid dark places in general.


Time to up the creep factor here. Mechanical Wyrms/snakes that are Psychically controlled? Yeah, we’re getting there. Anyhow, these new Psy-Gheists are new Prospects – but they get a pretty nice boost: They start as Psykers!

“These fighters can choose from three new disciplines – Madness, Delusion, and Darkness – and they can even learn extra powers as your campaign progresses. “


That’s just one sneaky example. But what about the wyrm thing? Good question. That is a Psychoteric Wyrm. And yes, it’s got sneaky tricks, too:

Extend those ranges and keep your Psykers in a safe spot as the Wyrm takes the risks…and creeps out the enemy. Or have them pop-up and surprise everyone:

Man, Psykers in Delaque could be a problem in the Underhive…

Piscean Spektor

Alright, this one is equal parts creepy and cool. It’s a new Piscean Spektor and it’s got brain power.

And by brain power, I mean it’s also a Psyker. Because of course it is.


House of Shadow is coming soon…


Author: Adam Harrison
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