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Now You Can Pre-Order The Homeworld RPG

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Jul 23 2021

Homeworld: Revelations captures the magic of the Homeworld series and brings it to your tabletop. Now it’s available for pre-order from Modiphius.

The Homeworld series of videogames broke new ground twenty years ago, blending real-time, fleet-based combat in three dimensions with epic storytelling and a campaign that actually feels like you progress across a galaxy.

The story of the Kushan and their escape from a merciless empire in search of their true home world, and their discoveries along the way reveal a harsh but wondrous galaxy. Hidden truths and ancient, star-bound aliens and more were unfurled to players conveying a sense of exploration alongside thrilling space combat that required you to build the right kind of fleet for the right kind of mission if you were to survive the long journey. Two years ago, a sequel crowdfunded, and with it came a bonus goal–an RPG that would bring Homeworld to your tabletop.

Homeworld: Revelations is here. For pre-order that is. Let’s take a look.

via Modiphius

Pre-Order Homeworld: Revelations – $50

Today, Modiphius is opening up pre-orders for Homeworld: Revelations, the tabletop adaptation of the modern classic Homeworld videogame series. This new TTRPG features creative input from Martin Cirulis, one of the original writers of Homeworld, and cover artwork from Aaron Kambeitz, the original lead artist. In Homeworld: Revelations, players become part of the crew aboard one of the Kushan fleet’s starships and set a course for action, adventure, and discovery.


Homeworld: Revelations will give fans of the original Homeworld game the exciting opportunity to view the universe from a new perspective, taking on the role of the crew aboard one of the Kushan fleet’s ships. Whether it’s joining the Mothership on its odyssey, or helping re-establish the Hiigaran homeworld, there will be endless adventures.

Homeworld: Revelations expands on what we know of the Kushan people and the game’s major factions, like the Kadesh and the Taiidan. Fans of the universe will learn that there are more incredible secrets hidden within the Guidestone which can be discovered through the roleplaying game. You can expect more detail on the people of the whirlpool galaxy so players can create their own stories of discovery and adventure, revisit locations from Homeworld to uncover their mysteries, and even explore the events of the Exodus to find out what else the Kushan discovered, gained and lost on that famous journey.

Modiphius has employed the expertise of Martin Cirulis, one of the original writers of Homeworld, to consult on the setting and lore, along with Homeworld experts at Gearbox Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive whilst one of the original artists for the Homeworld video game, Aaron Kambeitz, has created the cover art. Check the product pages for more details. 

  • Step inside the fleet and for the first time discover the personal story of the Hiigarans
  • The history of the Kushan people from their origins on Hiigara, into exile on Kharak, and back again. With adventure ideas for play in any of these periods throughout their history
  • Explore the harsh desert world of Kharak and the cities and societies found there.
  • Create a character from some of the most famous of the Kushan Kiith – Naabal, Soban, S’jet, Paktu, Manaan, and Somtaaw.
  • Take your role as part of the crew on any of the classic Homeworld vessels.
  • Discover life on board the Mothership as part of its many important divisions – Command, Tech and Engineering, or Exploration and Research.
  • Details on all other factions and their technology – Taiidan, Bentusi, Turanic Raiders, Kadeshi, The Progenitors and the Galactic Council
  • Covers the events of Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2, Homeworld Cataclysm and Deserts of Kharak.
  • You’re not grounded! Simple ship combat rules give you everything you need to take command of fighters, corvettes, frigates, capital ships, super capital ships and of course the iconic Mothership herself!
  • Packed full of never-before-seen Homeworld art to bring the universe to life in a completely new light
  • A new iteration of Modiphius’ 2d20 RPG system designed from the ground up to let you dive deep into the events of Homeworld.

When you pre-order the game you get a nice 69 page Quickstart rules pdf so you can start playing immediately, and when the book is ready a PDF will be distributed to those who pre-ordered. You can also find several bundles that collect more than just the core rules, including a Gamemaster Bundle and a Collector’s Bundle. Check ’em all out below.

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Happy Adventuring!


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