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Warhammer 40K: Beast Snaggas, Snakebites And More Rules Revealed

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Jul 15 2021
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Games Workshop is teasing even more Orky goodness today with Beast Snagga Datasheets, Snakebites, and even more rules!

The Greentide is still barreling down upon us all and Games Workshop showing off a bunch of great new stuff heading your way. The big news is that the Beast Snaggas are included in the upcoming Ork Codex – but it’s more than that between the covers. Today, we’re getting some more info about a seemingly random assortment of rules – but that’s just Mork (or maybe Gork) keeping you on your toes.

via Warhammer Community

“As diverse and volatile a group of Orks as ever there was, the Beast Snaggas are united by their universal abundance of scar tissue, bionic limbs, and a shared desire to fight things bigger than themselves. The Beast Snagga keyword not only gives these units a 6+ invulnerable save, but also +1 to hit rolls made against Monsters and Vehicles, which seems like a pretty good starting point.”

Yep – just by being a Beast Snagga, Orks get a 6+ invulnerable save as well as +1 to hit vs Monsters and Vehicles. But there’s more…

Snakebites Respect The Old Ways

I’m sensing a lot of Beast Snagga Snakebites on the tabletop very soon…a 6+ invulnerable coupled with these abilities seems like a great pairing. We already know that the Beast Snaggas love to run with Squigs and ignoring would rolls of 1-3 from attacks that are less than 8 strength is pretty solid!

Zodgrod Wortsnagga and His Squigstoppa

“It looks like runts aren’t the only thing that Zodgrod herds – that’s some serious stopping power, allowing a crucial chance for your Beast Snagga Boyz to chop up their quarry before they face any return attacks.”


That’s one way to shutdown a monster’s charge! Just be sure you finish the job before the monster gets to swing otherwise it could be a bad time for your boyz.

“Beast Snagga Boyz can run in units between 10 and 20 strong, which means they play a slightly more specialised role than ordinary Boyz. These fighters may mob together in smaller numbers, but they make up for it in brute hitting power. “

Not only are the Beast Snagga Boyz harder hitting with an extra point of Strength compared to regular boyz, they also get some new toys to play with to help them deal with thicker armor:


But mobs of Boyz are just one of the new options – now it’s time to look at the Squighog Boyz!

This is our first major look at the Squighog Boyz and they are packing a great statline along with some pretty mean weapon options. They are going to be great for punching through the enemies lines, taking out light vehicles, and causing mayhem on the tabletop! You can even super charge them with some new stratagems as well – like Monster Hunterz:

This is looking like a ton of pain and, if you’re an ork player, fun! The Ork Army Box is going up for pre-order this weekend. Get ready for a Greentide of your own!


Author: Adam Harrison
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