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Warhammer 40K BREAKING: Mozrog Skrapbad New Rules Spotted!

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Jul 18 2021
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He’s got a giant white squig and a very bad attitude. Take a look at Mozrog rules – headed your way!

We are all waiting on the Beast Snagga box and seeing how it sold out in like 5 seconds, I guess most of us will be waiting for a while longer.

But the consolation prize is that it appears the GW briefly updated the 40K app with the upcoming Ork unit rules, then tok them back down. But you know that the Internet is forever and the 40K community hopped on it and archived everything they could.  Today we are taking a look as Mozrog Skragbad via Reddit. Let’s get started:


That’s a LOT of attacks!



Yikes, I think Mozrog is a winner. He’s plenty fast, and on the offensive side of things – the +1A aura for Beast Snaggas, plus the NINE S7 AP-2 or 3, D3 attacks will mop up almost anything!  On the Defense T7, W9, with -1 Damage combined with the 4+ Invulnerable makes Mozrog a tough nut to crack. Mozrog has is all – fast enough, deadly, hard to take down, and useful auras.


This seems like a no brainer for 170pts!

~What do you think? Adding Mozrog to your WAAAGH?

Author: Larry Vela
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