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Warhammer 40K: Henry Cavill Is Right – That Chandelier DOES Look Like A Blackstone Fortress

Jul 11 2021

Here’s a clip of Henry Cavill, aka Superman aka Geralt of Rivia, just being an absolute nerd about Warhammer 40K for a brief, shining moment.

Things got incredibly nerdy at the latest WitcherCon, a panel put on by Netflix to celebrate the upcoming new season of the show. When Henry Cavill sat down for a panel interview, we had no idea that a hidden reference was going to be waiting at the end of it that would reveal hidden depths, much like how a band of explorers and a Rogue Trader or two might reveal the path through the ever-shifting maze to get to the heart of the monolithic weapon that pre-dates the Imperium and even the Aeldari known as the Blackstone Fortress.

Which we mention because towards the end of the panel, with no prompting, no question from the host about his hobbies, Henry Cavill did what any true Warhammer player would do–find a way to shove a reference to Warhammer 40K in an otherwise perfectly normal conversation. It’s just a moment of sheer fandom to kick off the end of your weekend. Enjoy.

Stuff like this is why Henry Cavill is an international treasure. That and he plays Custodes, which is pretty hardcore. Plus, I mean that Chandelier does look like a Blackstone Fortress,

Don’t you think?

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