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Warhammer 40K: Hexfire – How Much Will It Cost?

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Jul 28 2021

The new Hexfire battlebox pits Grey Knights vs Thousand Sons. Anyone want to take a stab about the price point? Let’s chat.

Get your supernatural Pskyers ready for Hexfire the new Battlebox for Warhammer 40,000. Games Workshop has already teased the contents and most of the kits are already available in retail which means with some work we might be able to make some educated guesses on the price point. So what’s in the box you ask? Let’s check it out.

Grey Knights:

Castellan Crowe – $40*

Grey Knight Strike Squad – $60

Nemesis Dreadknight – $60



Thousand Sons:


Infernal Master – $40*

Scarab Occult Terminators – $60

Tzaangors – $44

Tzaangor Shaman – $35


*We’re basing the price of these characters off similiar named characters but they could be +/- $5.

Aside from all the models there are also going to be extras in the box like a 40-page campaign booklet, but we’re not going to add that in to the guesstimates for this. Based on those models we’d have an individual MSRP of $339! That’s quite the value in the box. So what’s the price point going to be? That’s the big question!

We’ve seen some recent boxed sets that are similar to this one come out previously. Here’s a few and their respective price point:

Shadow & Pain (AoS) – $170

Piety And Pain (40k) –  $170

Prophecy of the Wolf (40k) – $170



Hey…wait a sec. All of these boxes each came with two brand new miniatures plus a bunch of older kits and pitted two armies against each other. Are sensing a pattern here? We have had other price points before that were higher (looking at you Blood of the Phoenix) but this seems like a pretty good sweet spot for one of these battle boxes. Will Hexfire clock in at the same $170 price point? If it does, that’s over a 50% discount vs retail MSRP. That’s a pretty cool deal no matter how you want to slice that up.


Plus it’s your first crack at these new miniatures, too.


So what do you think the price point of Hexfire will be? Are we going to see the pattern continue or are we about to get a curveball?


If I put the Grey Knights on corkboard basing, they might be as tall as a Primaris Marine…


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