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Warhammer 40K: Managing Gotcha Moments – FTN

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Jul 5 2021
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This episode gets deep.  We diagnose what a ‘gotcha moment’ is and what it is not by relating it to real-world examples and the spirit of a cooperative game.

Hey everyone,

Did I mention we get deep?  You have been warned.  Enter if you dare….

Adam sends us down a rabbit hole with an amazing question about gotcha moments.  We position this to Red to describe what some of those things look like in real life and when it is technically acceptable or should at least be expected.

We then swing it back to how it manifests itself in our gaming moments.  We try to cover as many aspects of this without coming off like we are telling someone how to play or in relation to any sort of expected behavior.

The complexity of the game almost automatically lends itself to us not expecting to know every single rule or every trick that our opponents can legitimately do.   There are ways to ask questions in table talk that can help but that’s just one way and only something you come to with experience after you’ve sort of been exposed to gotcha moments or know that you have your own to spring on folks.  That’s just part of the game…

We don’t get to the end of the discussion before having to take a break but this is definitely something we’ll revisit in the future.

In the last part of the show we focus on one aspect of how to playtest.  We try to get our hands on making sure you are actually considering all the variables when you are getting ready to pack up your models and head to the tournament venue.


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