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Warhammer 40K: The Horus Heresy & Hobby Hints – FTN

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Jul 26 2021

New Horus Heresy and Orks on the way plus how to avoid hobby burnout.

Hey folks,

There is new stuff GALORE coming down from GW and we talk about it in the first half of the show.  In the last half, towards the end, we talk about how to be true to your hobby self to prevent ‘hitting the wall’ or burnout.

We’ve seen a ton of teasers from the Warhammer Community team over the last few days including things from the Horus Heresy line. With all the stuff going missing from the Forge World site I really didn’t expect to see this. That game is so driven by the setting and fun to hear it is getting some much-needed attention.  Believe me, I am not complaining that it’s been a bit since it has since we have so much other stuff but I know the folks that play the game really eat that stuff up.

We fawn about the lore and some books for a bit to close out the first half of the podcast.  Do you have any favorite parts we’ve missed?

After the break, we run down a few of the Ork teasers.  We are getting the impression from folks who have the book as part of the limited edition release that the book is good but may not have the power to stand up the Dark Eldar and Ad Mech. I think that really remains to be seen as more Ork generals need to get this book in their hands and get their minds wrapped around the combos and strats!


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Paul Murphy
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