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Anime: Gundam’s Most Over the Top Mobile Suits

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Aug 31 2021

Gundam isn’t a series known for keeping it low key, and these mobile suits will remind you just how powerful space-war fighting robots can be.

Gundam Wing Zero

One of the most famous and iconic of the mobile suits, Gundam Wing Zero is piloted by Gunam Wing protagonist Heero Yuy. Designed for maximum maneuverability and firepower it has two beam sabers and machine cannons, a twin buster rifle and a shield as well as Neo-Bird Mode for situations when high-speed is a necessity. Finally, the ZERO system lets a pilot link up their mind with the suit in a move that’s a little Evangelion-esque and requires pilots with especially strong mental fortitude, but helps achieve “perfect victory.”


Freedom Gundam

Within Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, the Freedom Gundam boasts unmatched firepower with beam sabers, beam cannons, a beam rifle, and rail guns. The Freedom Gundam also has the Multi Lock-On System, its advanced targeting system, Phase Shift Armor to defend it from all physical attacks, and the High Mobility Aerial Tactics Mode, allowing for enhanced mobility in space battle. Nicknamed the “Mobile Suit Killer,” this Gundam seems designed to be over powered and impenetrable. Which is exactly the kind of suit I think we’d all want to be in.


Zeta Gundam

The eponymous mech from the Mobile Suite Zeta Gundam series, it was made to stand out from the rest with more speed and aerodynamics than other suits from its series. A beam rifle, arm mounted shield, and special devices meant to launch sealant and repair ruptured seals on spacecraft and colonies make this a piece of machinery that can do just about anything. And to top it all of, the Zeta Gundam has something similar to an early version of the ZERO System, allowing pilots to interface with their suit.



God Gumdan

It’s called the God Gundam (or the Burning Gundam, I guess), nobody is mincing words when it comes to this mobile suit’s capabilities. In the Mobile Fighters G Gundam series it is the second suit used by Neo Japan, and with an arsanal that includes a Vulcan Gun, Machine Cannon, Beam Swords, and forearm claws known as God Finger Protectors as well as a borderline absurd number of “ultimate attacks,” it’s used to defeat the Devil Gundam and win the 13th Gundam Fight… Which is sort of like the Gundam Olympics if the prize was ruling the Earth for four years.


Gundam Deathscyth Hell

By now it’s probably abundantly clear that the Gundam universes aren’t interested in being low key or subtle in any way, and nothing is less subtle than the Deathscyth Hell Gundam. Piloted by Duo Maxwell in the movie Endless Waltz this mech is sort of like if you took everything about the previous suits, turned them up to eleven and then added stealth capabilities. This suit has a Vulcan Gun, Twin Beam Scythes, a Buster Shield, Beam Saber, force field, radar and camera jammers, and a self-destruct system. Just in case.



Which Mobile Suits do you think are most powerful? Which Gundam (series or suit) is your favorite? Would you pilot a Gundam if you had the chance, or do you prefer it on solid ground? Let us know in the comments!

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