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D&D: A New ‘Dark Alliance’ Patch Fixes Multiplayer Matchmaking

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Aug 4 2021

D&D Dark Alliance has been plagued by multiplayer connectivity issues since its launch day, but a new patch fixes connectivity issues and more.

When Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance launched it was plagued with technical problems, which isn’t anything new for video games these days–often times development cycles being forced to hit arbitrary press/marketing deadlines leads games to be pushed out of the door well before they’re ready, and a lot of folks looking to say “sure that’s good enough for now” while expecting the devs to crunch their hearts out to try and make the game work again.

Sure it’s soul-crushing, and it’s one of the very real, and not even hidden costs of entertainment these days that, if we don’t think about it, will surely just fix itself and everything will be fine–but that’s all part and parcel. Dark Alliance was hit with some especially egregious multiplayer issues, to the point where Hasbro, on an earnings call with their shareholders made a point of saying “the launch isn’t what we were hoping for, but we plan to fix it, and it shouldn’t affect our numbers.”

That’s corporate speak for “we better talk about this some and then move on.” But fix it they have–the latest patch for Dark Alliance brings some long-awaited multiplayer fixes as well as some improvements to combat and overall gameplay. Come take a look at what’s new for Dark Alliance.

via Tuque Games


The following improvements have been made to the multiplayer experience:
• Party host can access the Trophies menu in Basecamp.
• Resolved the delay when attempting to pick up quest-essential items in multiplayer.
• Fixed an issue in which players would sometimes join a public session after accepting an invite from a friend.
• Stability improvements.
• Matchmaking improvements.
• Fixed issues in which players would be unable to enter boss rooms after teleporting to the party leader.
• Fixes to rubber banding.
• Fixed an issue in which muted players would get unmuted automatically after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn.
• Fixed an issue in which Catti-brie’s healing spirit effect lasted until the players were loaded back into the base camp.
• Fixed an issue where starting any act alone while in Multiplayer set the act to difficulty challenge rating 1.
• Quickplay bonus now provides XP in the tally screen.
• Fixed Alchemist Fire damage not displaying in Multiplayer.
• Fixed an issue in which the forced respawn button would disappear after pressing start.
• Coldstone Guardian armor’s set bonus invulnerability now expires after Bruenor’s whirlwind ability has finished in multiplayer.



The following changes affect the overall combat and gameplay experience:
• Reduced the delay for characters getting up after being knocked down during combat.
• Fixed collision issues allowing players to go out of world.
• Improvements to the enemy threat indicator HUD.
• Fixed issues in which some enemies were invisible to the player.
• Fixed several issues involving enemies spawning inside level terrain.
• UI and objective marker improvements.
• Fixed an issue in which stamina usage was inconsistent between different heroes.
• Fixed issues in which characters would get stuck to training dummies and some enemies while in melee combat.
• Fixed burning debuff when character walks into a lava fall.
• Added VFX for the Frost Giant’s Ground Shatter AoE attack.


The following changes affect character progression and building:
• Fixed several instances of player progression being reset.
• Fixed an issue in which characters would not level up upon returning to basecamp after having completed a challenge rating 6 mission.
• Fixed an issue in which loot completion rewards would not be displayed in the tally screen after completing an Act.
• Removed the 10-second wait time before the tally screen after a player successfully completes an act; thetally screen can now be skipped.
• Fixed issues with stat and combat power calculations in the UI.

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