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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Clean Up In Aisle 3

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Aug 3 2021

The latest Rumor Engine is looking messy – we’re probably going to need a mop for this one.

It’s that magical time of the week were we get a glimpse into the future. In this case, the future is an upcoming miniature and it’s looking pretty messy. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

via Warhammer Community

“All manner of wondrous and horrible sounds are escaping the Rumour Engines – groans, screams, whispers… perhaps these snatches of sound are fragments of a message from the future? As we listen, an image forms in front of us.”

So…yeah. What are we looking at here? Well, we’ve got three blades protruding from a mess of slime. Whatever it is, this does not look good! The desaturated paint job does make it seem like those blades are some type of metal, but that could also just be a trick of the light. And are they slicing through something? Why would the slime be running down them and not the opposite direction? And is that slime or something else entirely?


The blades themselves do remind me of Drukhari warriors. They have a random assortment of blades on their bodies after all. While they aren’t a 100% match, that could be an avenue to pursue. But what about the slime?


The slime seems like something a Tyranid could produce. And what if those blades are some sort of organic chitin barbs? Yet another line of thought to follow.

And then, of course, we’ve got Nurgle and other Chaos Daemons. Or Death Guard at that – the slime is kind of their thing, too. Maybe the blades are from some new Death Guard uh…hero…that’s leaking his gifts of Nurgle all over the place. Which is gross and yet totally on brand for Death Guard.

So yeah – I’ve got no idea on what this one could be. So we’re kicking it over to you Internet Detectives. If you’ve got thoughts and theories drop us a line in the comments and let us know your reasoning. Whatever this one is, we’re going to need a clean-up crew when it’s all said and done.


Sharp objects and slime…seems like a messy combination.


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