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Star Wars: Legion – Super Tactical Droid Expansion Previews

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Aug 12 2021

The new Super Tactical Droid Expansion brings some new beeps and boops to the Separatist Alliance!

Atomic Mass Games is back with more previews for Star Wars: Legion. These new Super Tactical Droids are coming soon and look to have some pretty useful abilities ahead.

via Atomic Mass Games (facebook)

“The Super Tactical Droid Commander Expansion for #StarWarsLegion invites you to field notorious Separatist leaders such as Kalani and Kraken. Which will you choose to lead your Separatist forces?”

As a Commander Expansion, this new unit offers some different ways to play your forces. If you’re just looking for a generic leader this expansion also has that option, too.

Clocking in at a base point cost of 95, the Super Tactical Droid allows you to manipulate your AI units with a but more control. This droid isn’t exactly a combat junkie, but it does have some room for upgrade options and should be a welcome addition to the line-up for the sheer utility it can provide.


“Kalani” is the first named Super Tactical Droid option. For only 5 more points, you get a lot an extra upgrade slot option as well more special rules and keywords. If you’ve got 5 points laying around this upgrade seems like a smart move.

“Kraken” is also 100 points and provides a bit more of close-combat option. I don’t know if folks will expect this Super Tactical Droid to charge them, but it can and it’s no push over. Alternatively, you could just use this droid as a counter-punch option as it can still provide you with utility and support. Providing that support could be more impactful than punching some unit in the face – but keep that plan in your back pocket if you need it for later. No one expects the droids to go for the face!


The Super Tactical Droid Expansion is coming soon for Star Wars: Legion!

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