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Warhammer 40K RUMORS: New Chaos Marine Codexes

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Aug 4 2021

There are whispers out there in the rumorsphere again. This time all about the Traitor Legions and their upcoming codexes.

It has been fairly quiet on the rumor front for most of the last year. With the severe supply disruptions and lockdowns we have all had to deal with, it’s no surprise that 9th Edition has been off to a shaky and slow start, but GW does seem to have it back up and running at this point.

With the non-stop almost year of Marine codexes that covered the transition between the end of 8th and the start of 9th, many have been wondering exactly what is up with their fan-favorite nemesis – Chaos Space Marines. The CSMs did get that updated version of their codex at the end of 8th, but that was really just a tidying up edition, rather than a major Necron-style update. But back to the rumors at hand.

The New Rumors

This latest set comes from Chapter Master Valrek who says a reliable source passed on the following:

  • World Eaters are coming in 9th Edition
  • There is no timeframe on their arrival.


I think it’s obvious that in time GW intends to do all the “big 4” Cult Legions:

  • Death Guard (DONE)
  • Thousand Sons (DONE)
  • World Eaters (Rumored in 9th)
  • Emperor’s Children (Rumored for 2 years now)

This would leave the original Chaos Space Marine Codex to fill the shoes of the Marine codex, covering the other 5 Legions and Renegades.  With Death Guard and Thousand Sons already out I think we can all see the writing on the wall.  I would not in any way be surprised to see one if not both of these codexes arrive in this edition. I would expect both codexes to arrive with a set of all new cult units (look at Death Guard as a template), and their Traitor Primarch.

There have been rumors of both Angron and Fulgrim sightings of minis in development over the past two years. In the case of the Emperor’s Children, the original rumors from about 1-2 years back could have been accurate but not yet released, or perhaps was confusion regarding the Hedonites of Slaanesh range.


So chalk this one up as yet another datapoint on the rumor wall. Let’s wait and see, but 9th Edition may end up starting off with a crawl, but ending with a BANG… for Chaos!

~ I want to believe!

Author: Larry Vela
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