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Warhammer: New Plushie Nurgling Revealed And It’s Kind of Cute For A Daemon Spawn

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Aug 20 2021

This is not a drill. There’s a new Nurgling Plushie coming soon from Games Workshop and it’s kind of cute for a daemon spawn.

No one expects the Inquisition. But when Nurglings start looking cute and cuddly they can’t be too far away, right? GW has teamed up with Koyo and they are making collectible Nurgling Plushies that are just that – cute and cuddly.

via Warhammer Community

“There’s one thing we’re certain of, despite any troubling questions – the Nurgling plushie is adorable. These little beasties are extremely popular, so we’ll bring you more updates soon. “

Aww… see! It IS cute. At the same time…those are exposed intestines, right? And this is a physical manifestation of the Chaos God of Disease and Rot, right? And you want me to snuggle with it? I mean, sure I guess.

I mean, I know it’s just a toy plushie and this seems like a collectible that would be cool to have on my desk at work or something – like a Grimdark Beanie Baby. I can see why this would be a popular idea. At the same time did they have to start with a Nurgling? Why not something a little less “diseasey” or rotting? At least Nurglings are friendly. Oh well, this is just a one and done thing, right? No? There’s more on the way…

“The word is that this Nurgling is the first of many new plushies. What other creatures from the Mortal Realms and 41st Millennium could do with the plush treatment?”


Oh, okay…ya got me there. Get ready for a cuteness overload coming soon from the Mortal Realms and the Grimdark. It’s going to be a plushie invasion coming to kill you with cuddles and cuteness. And just for fun, GW also had a GIANT Nugling created:

HA! That is one massive Nurgle-powered bean-bag. Not going to lie, I’d totally want to give it a hug. But then I’d remember it’s a Nurgling and pause to consider against touching it. Especially right now. Maybe the past 18 months have made be a bit more aware when it comes to touching things in public for some reason. Just take a picture with it as it will last longer.


What sorts of creatures would you like to see get the Plushie Treatment?! I vote for Duinclaw!



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