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Star Wars: Legion – Fluttercraft Has A New Bombardier Option To Disrupt Your Opponents

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Sep 2 2021

The Fluttercraft has a new attack option and it’s looking pretty mean! Come see how the new Overrun attacks work.

Get ready for a new way to put the war back in Star Wars. There are new Overrun Weapons coming and the Fluttercraft is packing Bombardiers who will be bombing the pants off multiple targets.

Those aren’t just for looks – they are getting new rules to match. Get ready for a wall of text from the new Overrun Weapons.

Atomic Mass Games (Facebook)

“The bombardier option for the Fluttercraft brings the new overrun attack to #StarWarsLegion! While performing bombing runs against multiple units, further disrupt the enemy with upgrades like a Comms Jammer.”

That’s quite a lot to go over but basically this unit needs to move through an enemy unit to trigger these attacks. Once triggered, they function how you might imaging a bombing run might work. What’s important to remember is that these attacks DO NOT count as ranged attacks and that they have specific rules to follow.

  • Overrun attacks ignore cover.
  • Fire Support cannot be used during an overrun attack.
  • Overrun attacks do not cause the defender to gain a suppression token, unless the overrun attack has the Suppressive keyword.

They also have specific keywords included:

  • Fixed:Rear
  • Immune: Blast
  • Immune: Melee


These types of attacks can also be combined with other effects to really cause some issues for your opponent. Comms Jammer as an example can isolate the unit you just bombed from receiving orders.

If you’re looking to spice things up (and add some flying wookies to your lists) then check out the Fluttercraft (and learn it’s rules before you play with it)!


Defend Kashyyyk with the Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion! A compact scout craft used to patrol the dense wroshyr forests of Kashyyyk, this fluttercraft is fast, deadly, and packs a nasty sting. Whether harrying the enemy with bowcaster fire or expertly- lobbed grenades, the fluttercraft is a formidable addition to the Wookiee arsenal.


Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to add a Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft to your Republic armies as a support unit. A beautifully detailed, unpainted hard plastic miniature brings this unit to life on your tabletop, while a unit card outlines all of its capabilities, including the new Overrun keyword. Finally, five upgrade cards invite you to choose exactly how this unit behaves in combat.

Author: Adam Harrison
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