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Warhammer 40K: Has Helbrecht Crossed the Rubicon Primaris? You Make the Call.

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Sep 7 2021

There’s a set of images doing the rounds today, and people are scratching their heads about what it means for the Black Templars.

Games Workshop has already let the cat out of the bag – the Black Templars are on the way with a new codex. Soon!

We’ve gotten a little news and several pics of miniatures that are on the way for our favorite black-clad zealous crusaders. But over the last day or so, a pair of images has broken pretty much all over the web, from YouTube, to Reddit, to the forums, and more.

The Images

Take a gander at this pair…

Now recall this piece of old classic GW artwork of High Marshal Helbrecht by Mark Gibbons from over 20 years back:



Well right off the bat let’s do some comparisons:

  • Dead ork on his back being stabbed by a giant sword being cleaned by a creepy servant-dude with a cloth. CHECK!

Aside from that – it’s all speculation. Note that if this is Helbrecht, I would expect an almost spot-on homage to the old classic artwork. What makes me think that? This makes me think that:

The recent Mehiston is also an almost exact homage to an older piece of classic 40K artwork by Mark Gibbons.  We have all seen how GW enjoys doing these “mini-dioramas” for important minis lately. If this is indeed an updated Helbrecht who has crossed the Rubicon Primaris (how could he not), we would be looking at a five-model diorama featuring the High Marshal, three little buddies (it looks they have been reimagined as cenobite servitors), and the dead Ork.


It’s not an exact comparison, but I think that would clock in at about Abaddon size, especially if the banner is there.  Here’s old Helbrecht to remind you of the current mini this might be replacing:



~Do you think it’s legit?

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