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Warhammer 40K: Black Templar Tactics & Expectations – FTN

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Oct 18 2021

We’re talking about Black Templars this week!

Hey all,

Marines are Marines right?  Maybe… but what we’re seeing is that Games Workshop is doing a lot to make the various Chapters feel unique, powerful and characterful based on their lore and the expectations people may bring to the table. The Black Templars are no exception.  One of the best things in the book is their ability to go deep into the stacks of Relics for their Chapter.  I get the sense of them really cracking open the vaults and being able to bring their 1000s of years of experience to any situation.

Adam is a long time Black Templar player and we’re anxious to get his thoughts.  He’s a little critical of the book and we can’t blame him!  What we can do though… is take a dive and figure out what we think one might want to build around while playing this faction.

The Templars can declare a Vow at the start of the game AFTER seeing which army they are playing against.  Anything like this where you get to choose something after knowing a bit of information is nice.  The ‘power’ here is yet to be determined but I think it’s a nice nod to swearing an Oath of the Moment.

Being able to pick Secondaries and a powerful army ability after you know what you’re up against seems good to me.  The Templars gain the benefit of being sturdy Marines with a few tricks thrown on top. I can’t see how they won’t be good. The Black Templar also have some STOUT characters that received an update as the result of this Codex.  I foresee many players being able to build around these new Primaris upgrades.  They are absolute beat sticks!

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