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Warhammer 40K: Inside The New Black Templars Army Box

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Oct 9 2021

We got our hands on the new boxed set and boy is it full of the ZEAL!

Black Templar fans get ready for an update YEARS in the making. The new Black Templar army box is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

What’s In The Box

To kick things off, let’s cover the basics. The box itself contains:

  • 1x Emperor’s Champion
  • 1x Marshal
  • 10x Crusader Squad*
  • 1x Redemptor Dread
  • 1x Deck of Black Templar Data Cards
  • 1x Limited edition Black Templar Codex
  • 1x waterslide transfer sheet

*The Crusader Squad consists of 6 Primaris Marines and 4 of the new “Scout” Primaris models. You can build them in a variety of ways. One of the Primaris Marines can be built as a Sword Brother which functions as the squad sergeant. You also get plenty of bits to construct the Primaris Marines with up to 2 pyroblasters, 2 powerfists, or a whole lot of chainswords/heavy bolt pistols and auto bolt rifles.┬áThe new “Scouts” can have heavy bolt pistols and chainswords, or bolter carbines and you’ll be able to mix and match with 4 of those models as well.

In terms of sprues all the Crusader Squad models come on two identical sprues. It’s pretty easy to see how GW is planning on reboxing those sprues as a full 10 man squad at a later date.


The Emperor’s Champion is a great model and an easy build. It comes on a single sprue and because it’s essentially a mono-pose model, there aren’t a ton of ways to screw this one up. Being all plastic means folks are going to have a field day customizing this model, too.

The blank chest is perfect for any free-hand or decals. And if you really wanted to go nuts, you could try your hand at sculpting something fancy. The hands seem like you could very easily swap them out with other bits as well. It’s a nice update to the classic Emperor’s Champ.

The Marshal that is included is also pretty sweet! You’ve got a couple of different options for each hand (plasma pistol or combi weapon for the right and power sword or axe for the left) and also a pair of different head options. Also, if you really wanted to, I’m sure you could take one of the other marine heads included in the box and swap them out.

You’ve got lots of options there. Either way, it’s a great call-back to some old school Black Templar vibes with the new marshal. And because it’s on a solo sprue, you can bet that it’s going to show up as a standalone kit later.


The Redemptor is…well, it’s just another Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought. That’s not a bad thing – this is the full set of sprues so at least it’s not the push-fit version. But there’s nothing more to really say about it. You’ve probably seen the same kit from before and there aren’t any new bits to add to make this one more Black Templar-y than before. Plenty of flat surfaces for waterslide transfers though.

As far as the codex, we haven’t delved too deeply into that for the video. We’ll be talking about what we think of the rules at a later date once we’ve had the weekend to really digest it. For now, just know that it’s a codex supplement and that it’s the book you’re going to need to play this army.

If you were looking to start a new Black Templar army or if you have an existing one and have been waiting for a REAL update, this is the box for you! Your zeal has been rewarded.


Pre-orders for the box set are up this weekend – get it while it’s hot!

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