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Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternals ‘Dragons’ Get An Adjustment And A Balance Pass Is Incoming

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Nov 20 2021
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Games Workshop may have had to delay the dragons coming to Age of Sigmar but they spent that extra time wisely.

The Dragons ARE coming. At least, that’s what GW keeps saying. Which Dragons? The new Stormcast Eternal ones, duh!

The two brother dragons plus the new Stormguard Drakes are on the way and should be arriving later this December. Obviously GW wanted to get them out sooner (probably around the time the rest of the Stormcast goodies were on the way). Unfortunately the world’s shipping problems also impact our corner of nerdom…and that means the delays happen. But that’s the bad news.

The good news is that GW used that extra time to get some more playtesting in on the Dragons. And the results were actually pretty positive.

via Warhammer Community

“Everyone is incredibly excited because they are dragons and some of them have Stormcast Eternals riding them, and they are all awesome. But with the disruption to global shipping, the Stormdrake Guard are being released later than originally planned – which gave the Warhammer Studio extra time to playtest the power of all-dragon lists. As it turned out, they could absolutely steamroll certain armies in a single turn of fire and fury, if they had a few above-the-odds dice rolls.

This is good news for the beleaguered forces of Order as they crusade to retake the Mortal Realms, but not so great for everyone else. At the end of the day, Warhammer should be a fair and fun challenge for everyone involved, so the Warhammer Studio has decided to increase the points of the Stormdrake Guard for matched play.”


Yep! GW actually increased their points BEFORE they officially hit the tabletop. What are their new point values? Check it out:

With this points change, you can still run a full Dragon army. Which, you know, is kind of awesome.

“…you can pack in eight Stormdrake Guard in a 2,000-point list with Krondys, or nine with a Drakespawn Templar on Stardrake, and a still-impressive 10 if led by a Knight-Draconis.”

It’s nice to know exactly how many you can fit in a list so you can plan your purchases according. The Stormdrakes come two in a box…just FYI. Oh and these new points? They go into effect IMMEDIATELY. They should be rolled out to the Warhammer App soon-ish.


Balance Update?

The 40k Balance Dataslate appears to be a big hit with a lot of fans. I’m just excited that GW is moving to a more rapid update system. And it looks like AoS is about to get a similar treatment, too!

“The Warhammer Studio has also been working on a Balance Update much like the recent Warhammer 40,000 Balance Dataslate. This is expected to land in December, with a focus on boosting units that currently aren’t seeing quite so much play on the tabletop.”

Sweet! I know which armies I’d like to see get some attention

If you’re in the bottom 5 then you need some attention.

We’ll have to wait and see how that shakes out later in December. For now, enjoy the Dragon changes (with models that are apparently on the way still). And also cross your fingers for that AoS Balance Pass!



What do you think of the points adjustment for the Dragons? And what would you like to see changed in the Balance Pass for AoS?

Author: Adam Harrison
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