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Five Ways To Get Rich Quick In D&D

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Nov 30 2021
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Tired of not having enough gold pieces to transcribe spells and build your own castle? Here are five ways to get rich quick in D&D.

Adventuring is an expensive trade. You have to pay money for inns, for healing potions, for “property damage” after your last night of “carousing”. Then there’s the gold involved in scribing spells into your spellbook, summoning familiar, buying the latest weapon, making sure your mount is fed–the list goes on. Life is expensive in D&D but as an adventurer you don’t have time to just sit around and make money, you have gods to kill and ancient evils to defeat once and for all before they can kill the gods you were going to.

Which is why we’re looking at five ways to  get rich quick in D&D.

Steal A Spell Component Pouch

Don’t let those PSA’s fool you, crime absolutely pays. Especially if you know which targets to hit and when. The thing you want is to find a spellcaster who is preparing to cast something like a Revivify or a Resurrect and then just filch their component pouch. It’ll have those diamonds which are worth several hundred or thousand GP, depending on the spell you’re casting.

Borrow Money With Disguise Self

Moneylenders have absolutely been a thing throughout history. They’re happy to provide you with a much needed temporary boost of cash, assuming that you eventually pay them back what you owe plus a little extra. But that’s where Disguise/Alter Self comes in. All you have to do is disguise yourself and the loan shark will never know who they’re trying to collect from. Show up as an Elf when you’re actually a Half-Orc–nobody will be the wiser. Just be careful when the spell’s duration is set to run out.

Persuade A Noble

Nobles have a lot of money. And they often are just sitting there not knowing what to do with it. Convince a noble to back your next expedition–you can promise them a share of the loot in exchange for an upfront investment. Just make sure to include a clause about how they assume a certain amount of risk if there’s no treasure discovered during the adventure.


Rob An Official

If there’s one thing everyone knows about pseudo-medieval fantasy times it’s that where there’s a king, there’s taxes, and where there are taxes, there’s sure to be a tax collector. Take a page out of historical myth and find the tax collector, then rob them at bow-and-arrow point. You can redistribute the wealth to others if you want, but you’ll get rich taking money from the king’s treasury before it actually gets to the treasury.

Tell Everyone You’re Rich

Or take an example from the real world, where all you have to do is convince a few people that you’re rich and they’ll bend over backwards to give you more money in exchange for vague promises of it being somehow returned some day. It’s worked for fraudulent blood tests, trading companies without any actual ships, and pictures of poorly drawn monkeys–anything without any real world value will do, just tell people you’ll give them that and be real good at Deception.

Happy Adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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