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There’s Something in the Trees: Origins of the Sylvaneth – PRIME

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Nov 17 2021

There's a reason almost every child gets a warning about going into the woods after dark. Let's talk Sylvaneth origins.

There are very few safe places for the residents of the Mortal Realms; the cities could harbor verminous Skaven, rampaging clans of Orruks sweep across the open lands bringing destruction, and even the unquiet dead could rise from their graves to assail the families they had once loved. However, even the most battle-hardened Chaos warrior or fearless Stormcast crusade knows better than to stray into the living forests of Alarielle and her Sylvaneth, especially in her home Realm of Ghyran.


Those who trespass into the groves of the tree spirits rarely return alive, and those that do bring stories of screeching gheists emerging from the trees while massive warriors of living wood fire arrows the length of a grown man or cast magic to encase the foolhardy in unyielding oak. The Queen of Life is also a bringer of death, and the vengeance that remains in her heart from the World that Was means that no one is spared her wrath should she view them as an intruder to her domain.

Scary as all of that is, perhaps more frightening still is the fa...

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Author: Clint Lienau
  • Age of Sigmar: Yet Another Stormcast FAQ Update