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Total War: Warhammer 3 – Monsters Of The Ogre Kingdoms

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Nov 24 2021

The secret to the Ogre Kingdoms is that it’s monsters, all the way down. From Leadbelchers to Giants, the Ogres have some fearsome fighters.

The Ogre Kingdoms are an army of monsters, and we’re not just saying that because they dismember their foes and eat them shortly before, after, or during a pitched battle. But most of the ogres you’ll field are literally classified as monsters. From the simplest Ogre Bull to the dreadful Gorgers, Ogre Kingdoms monsters are a sight to see on the battlefield. Preferably from a distance and with lots of artillery backing you up.

We start with Ogre Bulls. These are the “basic” Ogre unit, in as much as anything is basic about Ogres. They come with some unique characteristics that build the platform upon which other Ogres are built, but in general, you have your Monstrous Infantry, Dual Weapon Bulls, and Ironfists.

Unique characteristics:

  • All Ogre units – bulls and above – cause fear, being the embodiment of cannibalistic nightmares for all races, young and old. They can also destroy walls and doors during sieges, smashing them apart with their weapons and bare hands.
  • They also all have the Ogre Charge ability, representing the powerful and terrifying impact that is visited upon any who stand in their way. It reduces bonuses for being braced against their charge.
  • Dual-Weapon Bulls have a bonus vs. Infantry, while those with Ironfists have additional Melee Defence and Armour, and count as being shielded.

Then there are the Ironguts. These ones can often be identified by their large, ornamented gut-plates and their equipment which is typically much better than the typical Ogre grunt.

  • Veterans of much combat and many feasts, Ironguts are the strongest standard Ogres anyone could hope to never see.
  • They deal armour-piercing damage and have vastly superior armour compared to their brothers.
  • Will drink you under the table, eat you out of house and home, beat you at arm-wrestling, then fall asleep embracing you. True friends.

Maneaters, on the other hands, are Ogres who specialize in mercenary fighting and travel far and wide in search of gold and grub. They can be equipped with pistols, great weapons, or ironfists as well, and possess the following unique characteristics:

  • The impressive and terrifying things they’ve witnessed far afield make all Maneaters immune to psychology.
  • Maneaters who have learned the ways of Empire pistols are just as deadly in melee combat, but can also fire on the move to soften up their enemies.

Sabretusk Packs will often bond with ogres–hunters especially. And while the Ogres lack in speed, the Sabretusks make up for it, capable of pulling off devastating charges that can take down even the biggest units.

  • The fastest thing in the Ogre army, and strong enough to pull down almost anything in a pack, though liable to rampage if hurt.
  • Can receive a huge number of buffs – including Vanguard Deployment, Stalk, and Frenzy – from having an expert Hunter in the same army.

Gorgers, on the other hand, are “stealthy.” In that they can get Vanguard Deployment and they move swift enough to catch unsuspecting foes off-balance.

  • Drive half-mad by hunger and solitude in the mountains, they are unbreakable combatants that fight in a frenzy.
  • Vanguard Deployment completes the package of a terrifying prospect.


Then of course there are the Giants. These massive behemoths, when fighting on the side of Ogres, can be truly terrifying for an enemy to face down.

  • Massive and lumbering, even for the Ogre armies, Giants are a terror to face on the battlefield.
  • Hired specifically to be a Super Ogre, their strength and power outweighs even that of a Tyrant.
  • Lightly armoured, and missing the special effects of actual Ogres.

Finally we have the Stonehorn, the archetypal Ogre beast that is one of the few things capable of carrying an Ogre. They prove that Ogre cavalry is absolutely devastating:

  • Just absolutely rampages through enemies, sowing terror and dealing immense damage.
  • Takes ‘hard-headed’ to a whole new level, granting missile resistance.
  • Once tamed, a good friend.

Then there are Leadbelchers, who carry cannons into battle. When they run out of ammo, unlike most missile units, they are still Ogres.

And that’s the Ogre Kingdoms Monsters.



Author: J.R. Zambrano
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