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Warhammer 40K: A Closer Look At The Black Templar Castellan And High Marshal Helbrecht

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Nov 13 2021

We got our hands on the High Marshal of the Black Templars and their Castellan and have some thoughts on these new models.

The Second Wave of Black Templar releases is going up for pre-order this weekend. If you were wondering about some of the new models we’ve got some good news: We got them and built them already! So let’s take a closer look at the new models for High Marshal Helbrecht and the Black Templar Castellan.

The Black Templar Castellan

Let’s start with the Castellan because he’s the less impressive model. I don’t mean that in a bad way — it’s just that Helbrecht is just that cool. The Castellan has some amazing details and it’s pretty much ripped right from the Black Templar artwork anyhow.

Comparing this model to the old art it’s obvious where the design came from. That said this is certainly a Primaris Marine that has been re-tooled to look like this art. That’s what makes this model so neat. It’s got that old crusader-vibe but at the same time it’s been modernized. The details on the model are just amazing.

The only negative I can think of is that is is a mono-pose model. That’s unfortunate because Black Templar Castellans are basically the Lieutenants of the Black Templars so you’ll probably want to have 2 of them. You can get around this with some conversion work or using a different model. However, after building this one, it does seem pretty rigid in it’s construction. To all the Hobbyist Converters out there I say, “good luck!”


High Marshal Helbrecht

The High Marshal got one amazing “Glow-up” when he was converted to a Primaris Marine. He’s on a MUCH larger base and even has two attendants that are busy keeping his weapons in working order. Interestingly this model does have a few build options. You’ve got 3 different head options to choose from. And you can also build the model with or without the dead ork on the base. It’s an interesting pair of sprues to work with.

When building this model I almost went with the non-ork option because I thought it might make a cool objective marker. But in the end I was convinced to go with the ork on the base. Construction-wise, this one was pretty easy to put together. The only weird bit I had any issue with was the chain that goes from his back to his right shoulder pad. It didn’t want to sit quite right. After putting a dab of glue on it and just holding it until it set the bit finally settled.

Both of these models are pretty great in their own right. They do look like they were pulled from the pages of the Black Templar artwork and then re-tooled for Primaris versions and brought to 3D life on the tabletop. Kudos to GW for this batch of models!



To Ork base or not to Ork base, that is the question.

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