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Space Marine Returns With A Sequel Announcement

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Dec 9 2021
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Captain Titus returns in a surprise follow-up to the Space Marine video game!

Well color me excited! Space Marine is returning to video games after a long hiatus with a surprise sequel and I’m pretty pumped. Check out the trailer below:

Space Marine Returns

The original Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine was developed by Relic Entertainment and published by the now defunct THQ. The anniversary edition is still currently available on Steam. This game appears to be a follow up to with the return of Captain Titus. I’m excited to see the next chapter in this franchise as I really enjoyed the previous incarnation. It was a really fun and different third-person shooter with a neat “kill-to-heal” mechanic. In the era of Gears of War, this took the cover-based shooter concept and boldly said, “Space Marines don’t hide behind cover!”

This time around Space Marine 2 is being developed by Saber Interactive and will be published by Focus Entertainment. It’s looking pretty good so far!

I totally admit that I’m a tad biased when it comes to this game. I have fond memories of playing it with my friends and it set a pretty high bar for me, personally. I also had the chance to go check the game out at a pre-release media event. It was rad! Let’s hope this sequel manages to capture some of that same Grimdark Magic.


And yes, it was confirmed at the show that Captain* Titus is returning…in glorious Primaris Fashion! This time he’s played by Clive Standen as well.


I’m not saying the hype train has left the station…I’m just going to be watching this one like a HAWK.



*His helmet is painted like a Lieutenant…did he get demoted? Uh oh…

Author: Adam Harrison
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