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GW Shows Off New 2022 Minis In Eldritch Omens Sneak Preview

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Jan 2 2022

Games Workshop had given us some tantalizing glimpses at the new miniatures that lie in store for Eldritch Omens, and its about to get Khaine-y.

Alright folks it’s 2022 and Games Workshop is hitting the ground running with a spicy new look inside the Eldritch Omens boxed set that’s coming soon. Take a look at what the Advent Engine has foretold:

There’s so much unveiled in that video. Here’s a look at what we saw:

That looks like a Chaos Knight to us. A giant evil knight shoulderpad with some kind of bird perched atop it.

We also spotted Maugen Ra, a Drukhari with a whip, some kind of big devastating cannon, and a new Tyranid, which has us all very excited. There’s a ton of exciting stuff to look forward to, but we still have a ton of questions.

Who is that figure with the book? Is that a Tyranid Lord of War? Do we have some new kind of Forgefiend coming?


We’ll have to wait until Games Workshop releases Eldritch Omens to know for sure. But in the meantime, we’ve got the Adeptus Custodes and Genestealer Cuots to play with. But this year looks like it should be a good one, at least for now.

What minis did you spot on the vid?

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