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Saving Miniatures with Blood – The Army Painter Effects to the Rescue

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Jan 22 2022
Using the Army Painter Blood Effect to Save Miniatures

Have a model that’s missing parts or broken? Maybe a 3D printer misprint? Army Painter Effects can give them new life.

Have you ever bought a group of used miniatures only to find that some of them were broken when you received them? I found myself in just that situation recently. Through a trade, I got my hands on some really awesome alien miniatures by Warcradle Studios. They are for Wild West Exodus, but you could use them for a number of games.

Wild West Exodus Grey Aliens

Through a trade, I got my hands on these great-looking alien miniatures. They are for Wild West Exodus, but really, you could use them for any miniatures agnostic game (like Osprey Games’ Stargrave, Two Hour Wargames’ 5150, Modiphius’s Five Parsecs From Home, and many others).

Some of the miniatures in this lot came broken, and I fixed them quickly. Despite fixing those minis, I totally overlooked one with a missing leg. To fix the missing leg, I had to figure something out. I have a bits box with the missing part, but I would have to match the paint job of the original painter or redo the entire mini. I was keen on neither of those options.

So, I decided to cover the issue up with Blood Effect by The Army Painter.

Glistening Blood Army Painter Effects to the Rescue!!

To use the blood effect, I just quickly paint it onto the mini. I go over how to use the effect midway through my tutorial on painting the Enlightened for Wild West Exodus. That said, I take an even simpler approach to this mini and just paint it on very liberally to the stub of the missing leg and to the ground around it.

Not sure where the leg landed, but this alien is bleeding out!!!

The Army Painter Effects - blood

A trail of blood is trailing this alien.

You can hardly tell from this angle, but you can tell something is off with the mini. The blood effect makes the missing part look like it was on purpose.

From the back, you can see that I was very liberal with the effect.

Video Version of This Article

If you prefer video, or want to take a closer look, check out this YouTube vid. If the embedded video does not work below, you can also use this link to get there.  

Wrapping it up…

When it comes to hiding problems on miniatures, I often turn to paint effects. The Glistening Blood Effect by The Army Painter is one of my favorites.


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