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This Week in Pop Culture: C3-PO, SpaceX, ‘Fast & Furious’, ‘Hocus Pocus’, More

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Jan 30 2022

There have been a bunch of pop culture announcements, trailers, and news this week – let’s catch up, shall we?


via SpaceX


The Other Me – Theaters VOD 4th
An architect is diagnosed with a rare eye disease, entering him into a surreal reality in which he sees people’s true motives. As the visions become intolerable, he falls for a mysterious woman and confronts the truth about his own identity.


The Cursed – Theaters February 18th
In the late 1800s, a man arrives in a remote country village to investigate an attack by a wild animal but discovers a much deeper and sinister force that has the manor and its townspeople in its grip.


Space Force Season 2 – Netflix February 18
A four-star general begrudgingly teams up with an eccentric scientist to get the U.S. military’s newest agency — Space Force — ready for lift-off.


Super Pumped – Showtime February 27th
Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber is the first installment of the Super Pumped anthology series in which each season will explore a story that rocked the business world to its core and changed culture. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Uma Thurman, and Kyle Chandler



  • ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Ep. 5 – ‘Return Of The Mandalorian’