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Warhammer 40K: ‘Chapter Approved’ Points Changes Explained By Games Workshop

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Jan 20 2022
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Games Workshop is talking shop about the new Chapter Approved 2022 points changes that are heading your way in Warhammer 40k!

Chapter Approved releases are the perfect time for Games Workshop to update points. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that lots of things are going up in points while some are dropping as well. Today, Games Workshop outlines 4 big type of points changes. There are more…but for today these are the ones that GW wanted to highlight. So let’s check them out.

via Warhammer Community

“Points values are changing pretty much across the board in the Munitorum Field Manual 2022 (which is up for pre-order this weekend), and we’ve curated a few of the biggest changes.”

Major Vehicle Points Drops

This one is for the Treadheads and Ace Pilots out there — some of your favorites just got cheaper. Furthermore, these points drops might make some of the less popular options worth taking a look at.

Necron Point Drops

The Balance Dataslate did a number on the Necrons in a good way. Now, these mechanical terrors are also getting a points decrease on some key units. These changes should makes these options more appealing to bring with you to the tabletop.

‘Iconic’ Units Point Drops


This one seems like a sort of catch-all section from Games Workshop. But within that, we do have some nice discounts for various units on the tabletop. The Blood Angels Death Company got a little cheaper per model and so did Mephiston. The Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and Deathwatch also all got points decreases for some of their unique unit options.

Points Increases, Too

It’s not all points drops in Chapter Approved 2022. Some of the biggest offenders got a points bump, too. Will these increases be enough to curb their use or will we just see these armies cut some other units down to squeeze these in their lists now?

These points changes are coming very soon and every army got changed up. So if you’ve been running a particular list you are going to want to do some checking and see what changed. This might free up some points or maybe you’ll need to rejigger your list to keep “the good stuff.”



What do you think of these points updates?

Author: Adam Harrison
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