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Warhammer 40K: Five Things We Want From The New Eldar Codex

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Jan 25 2022

Eldar are getting a new codex, let’s take a look at what we want from it.

The Eldar, Craftwords, Ynnari, and who knows what else are about to get a new Codex. Along with the Codex comes a huge refresh of a model line thats almost as old as the Eldar are supposed to be. Of course any time a new codex comes out there are things we want from it. Today lets take a look at a few things we’d like from the new book.

5. Good Guardians (of The Galaxy)

Eldar Guardians are one of the most common and iconic Craftworld units. They are also the bottom rung of the army. This has lead to a lost of mixed results in terms of rules. At times the Guardians have been kind of useful but mostly unused. At other points they’ve been reduced to extra wounds for a heavy weapon. In some cases they’ve been combo targets to make them super hard to kill. It’s a fine balancing act to make a unit be both the worst in an army but still useful. We’d really like to see some effort put into making Guardians have a meaningful role.

4. An Avatar That Is Unique

The Avatar is a pretty weird unit for Eldar. For race that’s all about fighting Deamons, that fact that their ultimate weapon is a big old blood Deamon is far out. We know the Avatar is getting a new model and should get new rules. I’d really like to see these rules be somewhat unique. I don’t just want it to be a big beat stick, though I want that also. I really want to see it have rules that feel different from the rest of the army sand stand out some how. Something that emphasizes how different it is. Like C’tan funky.

3. Fluff Advancement

Most people get a new Codex for the rules. However it is also a great source of new fluff and updates. I’m really hoping this will be the case with the Eldar book. The Eldar have been in an interesting place the last few years. Gathering Storm upended decades of Eldar fluff with the introduction of the Ynnari. For once there was hope for the dying race. The rise of a new faction offered both a chance for Eldar reunification and an ultimate plan to overcome their curse. This was big stuff and have massive implications. But for about five years that storyline has just stalled out with nothing going on. I’d really like see a change there.

2. Meaningful Ynnari Rules

Going along with the fluff changes we want some new and updated Ynnari rules. This new faction has swung all over the place. It’s either been the most brokenly powerful faction in the game or total junk. We know the new models are built with options to encourage Ynnari play. We know there has got to be updates for the faction some time since it’s basically dead. The current small Index rules are pretty useless. This is the chance to really give them something meaningful and make the faction shine.

1. For Falcons To Suck

They know what they did. So do you oldtimers…

Let us know in the comments what you want to see in the new book! 



Author: Abe Apfel
  • Warhammer 40K: New Plastic Aeldari Warlocks Inbound