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Warhammer 40k: New Missions and Points in Chapter Approved – FTN

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Jan 24 2022

In this episode, we run down the point changes and how we think they’ll affect your games.

Hi folks,

A good bit of the stuff was thankfully up on the Warhammer Community page so players should already have a good idea of what’s in store. A ton of point changes but they seem more just like nudges one way or another and nothing too drastic. Custodes get some tweaks, Orks get some tweaks and… well, you are just going to have to listen.

The actual biggest changes to the game come from the Grand Tournament 40K Mission updates.

It’s subtle but there will be a HUGE impact on the outcome of many games.  Players won’t be able to rely on the same old secondaries.  A portion of the players that were struggling to max points with their secondary choices might find some nice new stuff they can pick that has them feeling like they have a shot in any match-up.

That is honestly what it’s all about.  Players want to feel good about getting their models on the table and feel like they have a fighting chance.  More than any other book or mission set that has come out before I think this release accomplishes that.

Is it a must buy?  That’s for you to decide but I do feel like it is a must use.


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Paul Murphy
Author: Paul Murphy
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