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Warhammer 40K: New Plastic Dark Reapers Revealed

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Jan 17 2022
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The Aeldari Dark Reapers are back in plastic and are looking fantastic!

If you have been waiting for more plastic Aeldari announcements you’re in luck! The Dark Reapers are here in plastic and they’ve got some fancy new options, too. Check these bad boys out.

via Warhammer Community

“It’s the Dark Reapers. Clad in thick armour and wielding tank-busting Reaper launchers, these deadly heavy support specialists lay down covering fire from long range while their more mobile kin close in for the kill on whatever’s left alive. “


Do Fear The Dark Reapers

The kit itself comes with all the goodies you’ll need to run some Dark Reapers of your own. That includes four warriors and an Exarch. Plus, you’ll also get a Dark Reaper shrine which is kind of cute (if it weren’t a representation of the god Khaine as Death).

Looks cool and should be a handy objective marker!

On top of the new models the kit also comes with alternate head swaps without helmets. GW specifically called those out as “for use in Ynnari armies.” Does that mean we’re about to get more info on the Ynnari themselves?! I’ll leave that speculation for later. For now let’s just appreciate these awesome new Dark Reapers!


New Options

The models are looking good and I can’t wait to see them on the tabletop. The are going to blend in well with the current ones but these are a great update to the Aeldari range!



Dark Reapers are coming and they are ready to get down to business!

Author: Adam Harrison
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