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Warhammer’s Terror of the Darklands: Origins of the Beastmen – PRIME

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Jan 5 2022

Even the most twisted fairytales come from somewhere. Let's talk a look at the origin of the Beastmen.

The forests of the Old World, and by extension the Mortal Realms, are perilous for several reasons; vengeful elves, deadly tree spirits, or all manner of twisted horrors. However, perhaps the deadliest foes hiding in the dark woodlands are the Beasts of Chaos. The true children of the Dark Gods. Mutated amalgamations of beasts and men, they have devoted all their wild animus to tearing down the trappings of civilization. They delight in the destruction of the civilized races.

They come in many terrible forms, from the goat-headed Gors to the massive Dragon Ogre Shaggoths. But all are equally devoted to the rise of Chaos's true chosen and the combination of animal savagery with human intellect makes them incredibly deadly foes. Terrible as they are, however, even these dark creatures find their origins in the real world. They hail both from ancient mythology and more modern literature. While these might not be the only source of inspiration for the Beastmen, they certainly bear some striking similarities.

Looking at the Beasts of Chaos unit roster, t...

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Author: Clint Lienau
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