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‘Moonfall’ – One of Us Review

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Feb 5 2022

Join the One of Us crew as they review Moonfall.

I blame you “OMG let’s go see a really bad movie” folks. There’s no end of those on streaming There are movies where giant transforming robots fight Frankenstein and Jaws is possessed by the devil.

You could watch and point and laugh at those and millions more like those. But no, every time Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) helms a film, because he had one (or possibly two) dumb but fun films in the past, you guys keep going back. So WE have to keep sitting through this crap. Argh.

Here, Patrick Wilson is a disgraced ex-astronaut who years ago after a disastrous mission that cost the life of a man, swore to anyone who would listen that it was some sort of intelligent alien cloud that killed him, and then burrowed into the moon.

Admittedly, that’s crazy, right? Of course, NASA knew he was telling the truth and let him take the fall because seriously, what are you supposed to do about a giant AI cloud from space? Nothing for about ten years, is the answer, until something changes and the moon begins to shift its orbit, taking it inevitably into a crash course with the Earth.

A desperate three person team is formed of Wilson, another astronaut and by default the head of NASA (Halle Berry), and an insane comedy relief conspiracy theorist (John Bradley) who will, because this is an Emmerich film, end up being right about absolutely everything.




And oh my. Chris, Frank, and Wright had much to say, and not all of it is describable as ‘angry ranting’.


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  • Christopher Lawrence Cox
  • Frank Calvillo
  • Wright Sulek

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