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SpaceX Rocket is on a Collision Course with the Moon

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Feb 1 2022

A SpaceX rocket booster is tumbling toward the moon– and its impact is certain.

In 2015 SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral. It launched NOAA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory research satellite that monitors solar winds. DSCOVR has since settled into its neutral gravitational spot. The SpaceX rocket that helped get it there, however, was left to tumble uncontrollably in space.


The SpaceX rocket didn’t have enough fuel to return to Earth’s atmosphere due to the second stage of the launch being too high. Its position put it in the gravity of the Earth-Moon system and it’s been tumbling uncontrollably in orbit ever since.

Now all four tons of it is hurtling towards the moon. It’s expected that it will hit in the next couple of months according to Bill Gray, creator of Project Pluto.

via SpaceX

Jonathan McDowell aka the Orbital Police would like to reassure us that everything will be fine. Aliens won’t burst out of the moon to kill us.



The rocket booster’s path won’t interfere with any equipment or life on the ISS, nor will it be visible from Earth. It will produce a new lunar crater, however.

So we just get to wait. Everything will be fine… or maybe Roland Emmrich is right about the dark side of the moon and we’re all doomed. Hopefully, these three can save us. After all, they have bagels.

via Lionsgate

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