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Total War: Warhammer 3 Reveals Bonus Legendary Lord – Boris Ursus

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Feb 3 2022

The biggest bear of all rounds out the Total War: Warhammer 3 roster. Come take a look at Kislev’s bonus legendary lord – Boris Ursus.

Even Chaos couldn’t kill Boris Ursus, the greatest Tzar Kislev has ever known. Newly revealed today, Boris Ursus, or Boris Bokha if you prefer, is a hidden Lord available to Kislev players. That’s right, the Red Tzar himself is unlockable in Total War: Warhammer 3. And today take a look at this spoiler-free campaign overview of Boris Ursus thanks to YouTuber ItalianSpartacus.

In it we get a glimpse at the opening cinematic for Boris’ campaign. As you might imagine, the great tzar is all about protecting the motherland. And indeed, Boris Ursus has plenty of ways to do exactly that.

Let’s take a look at Boris’ campaign mechanics.

Boris Ursus Campaign Mechanics

To begin with, Boris is all about the Motherland. He has unique mechanics centered around restoring devotion in Kislev. Boris Ursus can decide upon one of four invocations that offer different buffs, as you see above. He also generates devotion through different actions–and he generates supporters.

Boris Ursus’ supporters are another resource that he can spend to support one of the other big Kislev factions. Whether you throw your lot in with the Ice Court or the Orthodoxy, eventually you can unite them. They may not join you, personally, but you can unite them nonetheless.


Technology Tree

I love a good tech tree. And Kislev unlocks technology as you hold the three great cities of Kislev. You have to research five technologies in each faction in order to get to the more advanced at the bottom. But you also have to HOLD the city in question as well.

Boris Ursus has Skills For Days

We wrap up with a look at Boris’ skills. As you can see, he’s got some powerful abilities hidden away. With the right build you can turn Boris into a beast against large creatures. He’s a demon-killing tzar, no question.

It’s enough to make unlocking him absolutely worthwhile. But you’ll have to play through the game as either Katarin or Kostaltyn first in order to rescue the great tzar.

Who will you play first in Total War: Warhammer 3


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