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Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ‘Stone Ocean’ Is Back With A New Trailer & Release Time

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Mar 29 2022

The second part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, will be coming to Netflix this fall and we finally have a trailer!

The Jostars are back for the second installment of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. That’s right; more Jojo madness, more high fashion prison antics, and more reality altering magic-adjacent-power-fueled fight scenes are coming back to Netflix. And we can’t wait.

Stone Ocean Season Two

Warner Bros. Japan made the announcement during the AnimeJapan 2022 event. The second part of the current Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure arc, “Stone Ocean” will include episodes 13-24. It will premiere on Netflix worldwide this autumn as well as airing on television in Japan.

And of course, we got a new trailer.

The first 12 episodes debuted on Netflix in December 2021. And Jojo viewers are luckier than fans of some other series, waiting less than a year for the second installment. Also returning area much of the production staff including Kenichi Suzuki as chief director,  Shun’ichi Ishimoto as chief animatin director, Yasuko Kobayashi on series composition, Masanori Shino on character design, Yoshikazu Iwanami as sound director, and Yūgo Kanno as composer.

Of course, if you’re not already familiar with the Jostars, it’s easy to mistake accurate descriptions of the series as the ramblings of a madperson. It’s a weird, silly, campy, memeable, over the stop show that’s way more fun and approachable than the ridiculousness and mystery around it may make it seem.

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JoJo’s Background Information

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure follows the Joestar/Cujoh family through the generations. Every generation or two a new family member realizes that they have special powers and sworn enemies. Every part follows a different family member and their often-also-super-powered friends with very little connection to the previous part outside of vague familial ties. And, every part is drastically different from the last. This makes for a show that’s uniquely easy to jump into at the beginning of any “part”, but also nearly impossible to describe.

In the first part Jonathan Joestar fights the vampire Dio (you know, from the memes). In the third part Jotaro Kujo, Jonathan’s great great grandson, has to fight Dio again. But now with slightly different powers. And in the current sixth part, Stone Ocean, Jolyne Cujoh, Jotaro’s estranged daughter is in jail in Florida in 2011 for a crime disciples of Dio framed her for.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series known for its one of a kind art style and character designs, as mangaka Hirohiko Araki draws a ton of inspiration from fashion magazines. There are also a ton of music based pun names. (There’s a character in part one named Robert E. O. Speedwagon and another in part six named Foo Fighters.) Plus some of the most unique takes on super powers in any comic. Powers range include stopping time, unraveling their own bodies, but with only one power per character, every episode has a some of the most never-saw-that-coming creative uses of powers possible.

It’s truly as weird and off the wall as it is brilliant. We’ve enjoyed the first 12 episodes, and I honestly can’t wait to see the next season’s worth.

Are you a fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? Which part is your favorite? Of all of the characters, who’s powers would you most like to have? Let us know in the comments!


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