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Warhammer 40K: Imperial Knight Datasheet Rumors

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Mar 22 2022

There’s a set of purported Imperial Knight Datasheets doing the rounds. Take a look.

GW has already announced that Imperial Knights are getting a new codex just around the corner. Their official coverage has already begun. But just today a set of three images has been doing the rounds on various forums and social media groups.

The Purported Datasheets

We have three datasheets doing the rounds images via B&C for the following three Imperial Knights:

Knight Castellan

This sheet is very low quality, but you can see the basics. Hello 4 more wounds. Plasma Decimator is shorter ranged, but does more damage. Volcano Lance does less variable damage.

Knight Valiant


A higher resolution image. Note the Harpoon and its damage output – YIKES! 4 more wounds. Conflagration Cannon has more shots, slightlyer weaker strength. So more of a “giant flamethrower” – terrifying against large groups of infantry, not quite as scary against big stuff.

Knight Armiger Warglaive

Another image matching the quality level of the Valiant. Note the potential damage output of the Thermal Spear! Also, 4 more wounds!


We will have to wait and see what the real codex brings, so these are just here for entertainment until we know one way or the other. Overall, this looks like a continuation of the “more-damage all the time” theme of 9th Edition. The -1 Damage across the board is nice, and will keep all the knights in action longer. It does seem very strange that the Castellan would have the “Battlefield Dominion” rule removing enemy Objective Secured within a 6″ radius, but the Valiant (same knight chassis) does not.


These images are clearly taken from a computer screen, so there’s no way to know if they are accurate, or just elaborate fakes (which the 40K community loves to do with its spare time).

Time will tell.

Caveat Emptor!

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