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‘Solasta’s Lost Valley Brings Multiplayer and NINE New Subclasses to D&D

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Apr 20 2022

Last week, Solasta: Crown of the Magister released their Lost Valley DLC, bringing multiplayer to 5E’s most accurate adaptation yet.

When a pack of spiders crawled on the wall to reach my backline wizard, I knew that Solasta: Crown of the Magister could do what most D&D games don’t. Honestly, it does what most tabletop games of D&D don’t. Solasta‘s got a unique approach to encounter design. It gets to use the full slice of the pie – and that pie is verticality.

I’d say it adds depth to the game, but it adds height. It adds structure in a way that’s hard to do if you don’t have a table full of 3-D terrain. Even virtual tabletops like Roll20 often exist in only two dimensions. It’s something you have to experience for yourself to really see it.

And now, thanks to Solasta: Crown of the Magister’s new DLC, Lost Valley, it’s something you and up to three other friends can experience together.

Lost Valley Brings Multiplayer to Solasta For Free

And experience it you can. As Lost Valley brings a ton of free improvements to the base game, including multiplayer mode. So whether you pick up the new DLC or just play the base game, you can dive into a dungeon with your best pals.

Here’s a look at everything new to the patch that comes with Lost Valley:

2-4 Player Online Multiplayer Co-Op Mode (Free)

  • Free update to all players who own Solasta, no additional purchase required!
  • Compatible with both official campaigns (Crown of the Magister & Lost Valley) and Dungeon Maker custom campaigns.
  • All save files can be played both in single player and multiplayer (you can continue a multiplayer session alone or invite your friends to help you in a tough fight).
  • All content is synced with the host – if they own the DLCs, you will have access to them too while playing with them!

New Features (Free)

  • Spellcasting Chants: Your spellcasters are no longer mute when casting spells, and we’ve added an additional spellcasting animation to boot! (you can turn off chants in the option menu).
  • Crafting Feats: Tired of having to pick specific background in order to craft potions and magic items? We’ve added two feats to solve that problem!
  • Surprise System Overhaul: Now more faithful to the tabletop rules with individual perception checks for each surprised enemy, making fights more even!
  • Random Encounter Update: Instead of surprising / being surprised, random encounters will now often be fought more evenly with both parties aware of each other.

Additionally the Dungeon Maker has been upgraded with new features, including a dialogue and quest editor. Now you can make even more custom dungeons!

But The DLC Has New Stuff Too

So Lost Valley starts with a brand new levels 1-12 campaign. But it also brings nine – nine!!! – new subclasses to the game.

  • Hoodlum: A Rogue who wields medium armor, martial weapons, and who can sneak attack with any martial weapon
  • Commander: A Fighter who buffs their allies with shouts to grant advantage or temporary hit points, great for support
  • Path of the Claw: A Barbarian descended from Dragons who deals elemental damage and can breathe flame/other energies
  • Court Mage: A defense-focused Wizard who can use shields both physically and magically to protect their allies
  • Mischief Domain: A Cleric that can manipulate the whims of fate to reroll saves and inflict random status effects
  • Haunted Soul: A Sorcerer possessed by malevolent spirits who create movable areas full of ghosts that deal necrotic damage each turn
  • Circle of Balance: Druids focused on healing–whether it’s healing their allies or using their magic to prevent the enemy from healing
  • Oath of Judgement: An offense-minded Paladin that can restrict targets and add extra damage to allies and themselves
  • Swift Blade: Rangers who dual-wield the way you want them to be able to, honestly this fixes so much for them

Check out Solasta: Crown of the Magister’s Lost Valley DLC

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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