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Age of Sigmar: Fangs and Ferns – 3 Reasons You’ll Want ‘Echoes of Doom’

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May 18 2022

The new Age of Sigmar ‘Echoes of Doom’ box provides a lot of awesome material…at least for one half.

The next Age of Sigmar battlebox will be up for pre-order this weekend. Pitting the vengeful Sylvaneth against the insidious forces of the Skaven, the box contains a wealth of minis and accessories. While it is unfortunately VERY skewed towards the tree peeps, the box is still a decent buy. Here are 3 reasons you’ll want to pick it up. Especially if you play Sylvaneth.

New Heroes

As with all battleboxes, the primary draw of Echoes is as a release vehicle for two awesome new hero sculpts. The Sylvaneth get the lion’s share this time, with the massive Lady of Vines, Alarielle’s favored general. Aside from being an incredible model, the LoV boasts some amazing special rules, and looking at that spear she’s probably no slouch in combat either.

Not to be outdone, the Under-Empire has unleashed one of their Deathmaster Assassins. Cunning, deadly, and fast, the dynamic pose of this model gives us a real sense of their deadly skills. Of special note is the dripping poison on all their weapons, clearly chosen specifically as a weed killer. Here’s hoping the new rules are as awesome as the miniature.

New Units

While the Skaven aren’t bringing much in the way of units, the Sylvaneth have opened the armories to unleash the awesome new Gossamid Archers. Filling a much requested role in the Sylvaneth tome, the Archers provide a light skirmishing unit to balance the heavy punch of the rest of the army. The insectoid creatures on their back allow them to fly quickly across the battlefield, unleashing their enchanted arrows into the enemy. I love the organic look of the army, evoking a light mirror to Tyranid bio-organisms. I’m excited to see how they perform on the battlefield.


Good Launching Point

The battleboxes are always a great place to start, and Echoes of Doom is no exception. You get a “big guy” leader, and a few units for each army, allowing you to launch into the armies in full (and if you pick the Skaven half…courage friend). Unfortunately, where the Sylvaneth half is easily a reinforcement for an existing army, thanks both to the new units and more unit variety, the Skaven half is mostly things every Skaven player already has. The Deathmaster is cool, but it isn’t worth splitting the box for. However, if you’re new to Skaven, this is a great place to start, giving you the iconic Screaming Bell, my personal favorite model in the Skaven arsenal.

Will you be picking up the new box?

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