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You’ll NEVER Guess When ‘Buccaneer’ Board Game Was Released!

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May 12

Clickbait aside, I really want you to guess when you think the Buccaneer board game was released. And you’ll not be cheatin’, ye scurvy dog!

Typically, in these board game retro articles, we open with a fun jaunt through the game’s history and development. However, this time we’re going to try something different. Today, I want you to try and guess when this game was released. I’ll post the answer at the end of the article in white font so you’ll only be able to see it when you highlight it.

For example, the highlight here —-> neat, right?

So, let’s skip all that hubbub and get to the game!

Buccaneer Overview

Buccaneer Board Game
All images via Board Game Geek

The Buccaneer board game is a ‘pick up and deliver’ game where players take the role of treasure hunting pirates! The goal of each player is to collect 20 points worth of treasure. Treasure is collected from the island in the center of the board and can be stolen from other players. However, collected treasures must be returned to the player’s port to be worth anything.

Buccaneer Board Game Harbor

If a player can secure 3 of a single treasure type, it will be moved into their treasure box or safety zone (depending on which edition you have). However, a ship can only carry two treasures at any one time.

Buccaneer Board Game Components
Lookit these super legit treasures, tho! Ain’t no card stock tokens here!

Buccaneer Gameplay

Players move around the board by using the Crew cards in their hand. But, a ship can only move in a straight line on each turn and pivots at the end of its turn.

Aww! Look at the little sails! Adorable!

And so, a ship’s maximum movement is determined by the total sum of their crew cards.

Crew cards are also used during combat. So, to determine fighting strength, the difference between the colors of crew cards are calculated. Therefore, having a single color is highly advantageous.

Landing on Treasure Island in the center of the board allows players to draw Chance cards.


Worth noting, a lot of the cards’ effects are pretty detailed and complicated. Some cards, like the Pieces of Eight, have a Trading Value. The game has 2 neutral ports which will trade with any player, so long as they have something to trade away.

The first player to secure 20 points of treasure in their port (port and safety zone combined), wins the Buccaneer board game!

Time To Guess!

Alright, no cheating. Now, it’s time for you to make your guess as to when you think the Buccaneer board game was released! Some things to consider:

  1. The overall complexity of the game mechanics
    1. Sailing Strength
    2. Player vs Player combat
    3. Ability to steal from your opponents
    4. Neutral ports
    5. Involved level of the Chance cards
  2. Amount of strategy with in the game (not just roll to move)
  3. The quality of the game components
  4. The quality of the box art

But, for a sense of scale here are some board games released throughout history.

  • 1929 – Sorry
  • 1933 – Monopoly
  • 1946 – Stratego
  • 1949 – Candyland
  • 1956 – Yahtzee
  • 1959 – Risk
  • 1960 – Game of Life
  • 1965 – Operation

Make your guess in the comments, then check your answer here. [ 1938 ]

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