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BolS Prime: Warhammer 40,000 “Borrowed” a Lot of Ideas From ‘Dune’

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May 30 2022

Where did Warhammer 40,000 really come from?

Warhammer 40,000 has an incredibly evocative setting filled with rich and deep lore that's been created written over the thirty-two-year history of the game. For many people, it's the setting, not the rules or even the miniatures, that draws them in. It's a rich tapestry of stories and setting woven together to create something incredible. While 40K itself is an original setting and story, not all of the elements that make it up are... 100% original. Indeed, Warhammer owes its existence to the vast number of sources that influenced and informed the creation of the setting, melting together ideas for many sources to form a (mostly) coherent whole.

Dune is often considered one of the most essential books in sci-fi history. It has been an enormous influence on the genre in the decades since its publication. If any single series was a significant influence on 40K lore, it was Dune. DuneĀ has so many things that are staples of the Warhammer setting. Today lets take a look at some of the major elements that Warhammer lovingly borrowed from the sci-fi classic.
The God-EmperorĀ 

Let's start with a really obvious one. Both setting h...

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