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D&D: Five Magic Items for Beating the Heat

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May 11

Summer is coming, the temperature’s rising — but these five magic items will help you beat the heat and stay cool.

Nothing says summer is almost here like the thermometer creeping up past 99° (that’s Fahrenheit – if you’re in the UK we’re talking 37°+ weather). And as that’s what happened here at BoLS HQ this past week, it must be time to get out the weapons-grade sunblock and five spells to help you beat the heat.

Ring of Fire Resistance

This is probably the most obvious one. A humble ring that protects you from fire damage. Now you might be wondering, “how does this help me beat the heat?” Well, if you are resistant and/or immune to Fire Damage, you don’t suffer the effects of extreme heat. And that’s right there in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. If fire can’t burn you, the sun can’t make you feel hot.

Cloak of the Manta Ray

While wearing this cloak with the hood up, you can not only swim (at 60 feet per round, no less), but you can also breathe underwater. Now you never have to be out in the sunlight again. And in your D&D world, climate change probably isn’t destroying the ocean, so all you have to worry about are sea monsters.

Potion of Aqueous Form

Drink this potion and you can become your very own Alex Mack. Or Capri Sun if you want another definitely relevant cultural touchstone. But what better way to beat the heat (or leave an awkward situation) than by drinking a potion and instantly transforming into a pool of water?

Bead of Refreshment

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to stay hydrated. And with a bead of refreshment, you’re only an action away from a nice, frosty glass of cool water. Throw this gel bead into any nonmagical liquid that isn’t poison, which is most of them, and it instantly transforms into fresh, cool, drinkable water.


Shard of the Ise Rune

Or go all out and get yourself the Shard of the Ise Rune that first came about in Storm King’s Thunder. This magic item not only grants you resistance to fire damage, but you can also create an icy mantle of protection that you can cloak yourself in until you take damage. Bring frost to you, wherever you are!

Happy Adventuring!

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