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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Spear of Destiny

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May 10

We’ve got ourselves a new Rumor Engine to delight and confound. What could this one possibly be? Let’s take a stab at it!

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. This one’s honestly pretty straightforward so let’s just get to the point, shall we?

via Warhammer Community

“Our resident Votann declined to show us any auguries from the future last week, though it might just be taking a while to come up with an answer. It certainly has nothing to do with jealousy after four full days of awesome (and clearly photographed) reveals at Warhammer Fest. Nothing whatsoever.”

Spear of Destiny

It’s a Spear! Done. We can all go home now. Oh, what’s that? We still have to figure out which army this spear belongs to? Hmm…Okay. Based on the look of this one, I’ve got two guesses. The first and most obvious is the Seraphon:

If I had to guess I’d wager that the shaft of the spear is the same black wood as the blow pipes from the Skinks above. The metal is likely the matching gold as well. The spear blade looks like a combination of stones which is kind of interesting, too. The type of spikes and iconography all fit the same motifs, too. This one seems like a pretty open and shut Rumor Engine to me.

“But didn’t you have two guesses!?” I did, oh internet internal monologue man. The second guess is not my favorite but that’s what it’s second. There is a chance (albeit slim) that this spear is a Necron Spear.


That’s only if you want to ignore all the obvious things I already pointed out above. The only reason I’m even mentioning the Necrons is because of the spear-tip. The circle and line work remind me of the Necrons and if that spear tip was a greenish color I could see it being more “Necrony” than you might think.

However, That doesn’t account for the shaft or the “gold” part. So yeah, still sticking with my Seraphon guess.

So what do you think? Is it a Seraphon weapon? Necron? A new Space Marine?! Let us know your wild guesses in the comments. That’s the fun of the Rumor Engine afterall.


New Seraphon on the way? Interesting…


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