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Horus Heresy: Plastic Sicaran Joins The Fray

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May 12

Looks like the Sicaran is getting the plastic treatment and joining the Horus Heresy!

I’m not saying I called it…but the signs were pretty darn clear. The Sicaran is next up to get turned into a plastic kit for the Horus Heresy and fans have lots of reason to be pumped about this one.

via Warhammer Community

“Beyond the giant autocannon, this new plastic kit comes with more weapons than you can shake a stick at.* You can choose from heavy bolters, lascannons, heavy flamers, or volkite culverins as sponson weapons, and there is a choice of combi-weapons, a havoc launcher, a multi-melta, a heavy bolter, or a heavy flamer as a pintle-mounted weapon.”

Plastic Sicaran

This kit is a fantastic addition to the range for several reasons. First up, it’s got rules for both 30k and 40k! So even non-Horus Heresy players will be able to take this beast of a tank to the tabletop. Next up, because it’s a plastic kit, you’re going to get a ton of extra options as mentioned above.

Another reason to be excited for this plastic version is that it’s Legion Agnostic — everyone can bring this bad boy with them and blast their enemies. It’s also got lots of great, flat paneling for details and free-hand. Go nuts for your Legion with this tank.


Finally, the Sicaran has a LOT of variant patterns. I’m saying we’re going to get all of them in plastic. However, I’m also thinking that those options could be on the table for the future. In any case, a resin upgrade kit for those each of those patterns is a whole lot more manageable than an entire resin kit. Just tossing that out there.

This is just ONE example of the Sicaran variants out there.


What do you think of the new Plastic Sicaran coming to the Horus Heresy?

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