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Kill Team: New Rules For Sentries And More

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May 27 2022

Kill Team: Moroch adds some new phases to the game in sort of a prologue to the main event. Check this new phase out.

If you’re looking for even more narrative driven tension in your games of Kill Team then Moroch is going to add that for you. There are new rules for Sentries that change up the game. Let’s see what Games Workshop has to say.

via Warhammer Community

“It’s the new Sentries rules that really cement Kill Team: Moroch.* These act as a prologue to certain missions, as attackers infiltrate the killzone to take up key positions. Of course, they’ll have to dodge the wandering patrols – if they’re spotted, all hell breaks loose! Under these rules, both players set up a small number of key operatives, then cycle between two phases.”

Kill Team Sentry Rules

The Sentry Phase kicks off with the Defender picking each of their sentries, one at a time. The players then roll off. The winner gets to determine the direction the sentries move. That means the defender can move them towards the hidden operatives or to an alarm. But the inverse is true — if the attack wins don’t be surprised if the sentry wanders off for a “break” in the woods or a shed or somewhere else inconvenient.

So what happens if the alarm ISN’T raised? Well then we swap over to the intruder phase of this prologue. The ball is in the attacker’s court now.


Players will keep doing this rotation until the attacker launches their ambush, a sentry stumbles upon an infiltrator, or an alarm is raised.

“Once the alarm is raised, the mission begins, the rest of the operatives come flooding in, and players roll for the initiative as normal. If the Defender caught the Attacker early, they’ll be stranded out of position and off-balance – but if the Attacker snuck in undetected, they’ll be perfectly placed to jam a knife in the Defender’s back…”

These new phases really add that sense of “commando” operations to your game. I like the idea that both players are rolling off to see how a sentry moves. Will they be alert enough to catch the operatives sneaking in or will they wander off due to sheer boredom only to be taken by surprise? This system has a good way to replicate that and I want to give it a go!

It’s the appetiser before the main course!

Anyone else think these rules could be a game of their own? Reminds me of the base attack in Predator.


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