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Let’s Play D&D with Chip & Dale

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May 25 2022

This week we’re finding the wheres and whys and whos when we play Dungeons and Dragons with ch-ch-ch-Chip and Dale.

Chip ‘n Dale is here to make us feel all sorts of nostalgic. So that’s what we’re going to do. Remember the Rescue Rangers? I bet it would be hilarious to get your best friend and play characters inspired by Chip and Dale during your next adventure and see what hilarity ensues. This week, let’s play D&D with…

Chip & Dale

I made these as a unit. You can play them separately, but I doubt it would be as much fun without a partner in crime. And I guess you could play them without an entire party of adventurers, but I’m concerned about how long these characters would last.

The Rescue Rangers are basically rodent investigators with a very specific schtick, so I leaned a little harder on the schtick than making a functional character. There are no regrets, but if you wanted to borrow these sheets, they may be better for a one-shot than an entire adventure.

I wanted them to be tiny guys. Chipmunks aren’t exactly large even by rodent standards, so Chip and Dale have to be on the smaller side. I landed on Halflings because it gave us a few other boons, but is still very approachable and within the spirit of the characters. Are Kobolds smaller? Yeah, they are. But it just didn’t feel like the right fit. I gave Dale the classic “Lightfood” Halfling while Chip is a “Ghostwise” Halfling. It gives him the ability to speak telepathically to somebody close by, and I loved the idea of these two having that ability sometimes.


Chip, who is based on Indiana Jones and the more serious of the pair, is a Mastermind Rogue. He fancies himself a literal mastermind, and handles most of the tactics and planning on the team. Chip in comparison doesn’t have an easy D&D role to fill. He’s job in the show is more ‘comedic relief’ than anything else. So like any time we have a goofy, high charisma character we let them use that energy to make the team stronger as a Bard. I can’t see Dale playing an instrument, but I can see him collecting and spilling rumors (even if by accident) so I gave him College of Lore. College of Whispers may have also worked, but it felt like the more mean college.

When it comes to equipment, neither of them have a hole lot. I don’t think they ever have. Gadget was the member of the part who was always making or using tools. So regarding weapons, both Chip and Dale are traveling a bit light. If you were playing this game, please feel free to give them whatever equipment you felt would be appropriate or fun. Their unarmed strikes are also nonexistent on the damage. They’re based on chipmunks, they don’t have high strength.

Finally, as a Bard, Dale has a few spells. I didn’t want to give him anything too out of character. I tried to pick more lighthearted and buffing spells.

How would you make Chip and Dale for D&D? What class do you think Gadget and Monterey Jack would be? Have you seen the new movie yet? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!


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