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‘Men’ Review – One of Us

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May 28 2022

Can writer/director Alex Garland keep up his streak of excellent sci-fi projects? Check out their Men review.

Writer/Director Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation) tells this A24 produced tale of Harper (Jessie Buckley). After witnessing her husband’s gruesome death, possibly a suicide, to deal with her grief rents a large manor in the English countryside. The owner Geoffrey is played good-naturedly goofy by Rory Kinnear who introduces her to the home’s features, and then is ushered out as quickly as she can manage to get rid of him.

But there’s no getting rid of him. Not Geoffrey, but Rory Kinnear, who in varying degrees of makeup and latex effects (and a few CG ones) is playing practically every man in this film. Harper just wants time alone but there always seems to be a Rory-man there to make her feel bad in one way or another.


Men Review

Ok, so this is a horror film and YES, things go intensely sideways at a point, and viewer beware: with some of the most disturbing effects scenes these critics have seen in a long time. But we’re all horror fans here, so did we dig it? You might be very surprised at some of the disagreements that Chris, Frank, and Wright have over this highly-anticipated bit of madness.

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  • Christopher Lawrence Cox
  • Frank Calvillo
  • Wright Sulek

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Christopher Cox
Author: Christopher Cox
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