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Star Wars: Legion – Black Sun Vigo And Pyke Syndicate Capo Rules

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May 12

Atomic Mass Games is showing off some new cards from the upcoming expansion packs for Star Wars: Legion.

If you were looking to add some criminal syndicates and bounty hunters into your Star Wars: Legion mix you won’t have to wait much longer. Check out these new teasers from Atomic Mass Games for the Black Sun Vigo And Pyke Syndicate Capo!

via Atomic Mass Games

“Each of these Commanders contains a blend of new keywords alongside a splash of familiar ones. Both the Vigo and Capo have Aid, which allows them to give an aim, dodge, or surge token to a friendly mercenary unit from the same affiliation instead of receiving the token themselves. They also both make use of Independent to support their forces. This combination of keywords allows each leader to assist their allies and boost either their offensive or defensive capabilities by gaining a token at the start of the Activation phase and then immediately passing them to friendly units! “

Black Sun Vigo

Pyke Syndicate Capo

New Command Upgrade – Lead By Example

This new command upgrade is available to both the Vigo and Capo. This gives them Inspire 2 to help keep your units in the fight.

New Command Cards


The Vigo and Capo have access to these new Command Cards.

“The first card, Discretion, rewards players for sacrificing order control in lieu of handing out Dodge tokens to friendly mercenary units. Similarly, Aggression allows you to give out aim tokens if you give out fewer orders. Finally, Ploy allows you to choose an order token and save it for when you need it most. “

Pre-Orders for both these expansion sets are up now from Asmodee and Atomic Mass Games!



Players can hire additional soldiers to protect their interests throughout the galaxy with this pack for Star Wars: Legion! Adding a corps unit of six Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers that can join Rebel, Imperial, Republic, or Separatist armies or band together with their fellow mercenaries in the Shadow Collective, this expansion gives players even more versatile options for building their forces. Furthermore, they’ll also find a Pyke Syndicate Capo who can lead a single unit or an entire mercenary army as a commander along with three command cards, opening up even more strategic choices. Finally, eight upgrade cards give players the freedom to kit out their units with heavy weapons, additional gear, and more!




Reinforcements arrive to help the notorious Black Sun syndicate spread its influence across the galaxy in this expansion for Star Wars: Legion! Operating out of its fortress on Mustafar, the Black Sun makes ample use of criminal elements willing to take on any task for the right price. This expansion invites players to hire an additional six Black Sun Enforcers that they can add to their Imperial, Separatist or Shadow Collective forces as a corps unit. Additionally, they will also find a Black Sun Vigo miniature that can lead this unit or act as a commander for the entire force. Finally, three command cards give these mercenaries their own playstyle while eight upgrade cards give players the chance to customize their units with additional weapons, gear, and more!

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