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Warhammer Next Week: Custodes and Cultists And Skaven and Sylvaneth

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May 15 2022

It’s all about boxes in Warhammer next week. Adeptus Custodes get a combat patrol GSC get characters, and everyone gets Skaven.

To be clear, not everyone may want Skaven, but everyone in the Mortal Realms is getting them. Skaven aren’t in the Grim Darkness of the distant future, not yet anyway.

Speaking of the 41st Millennium, though, next week sees a few big releases for 40k. Perhaps the biggest one is the Adeptus Custodes. Y’know, because of all the genetic engeineering.

Adeptus Custodes Cavalcade

First up, the Adeptus Custodes combat patrol box:

This box contains enough models to build a full army for Combat Patrol-sized games – and then some – making it perfect for kicking off (or building on) your collection of the Emperor’s Chosen!

Inside the box you’ll find three swift and deadly Vertus Praetors, as well as a five-man squad of Custodian Guard – powerful warriors blessed by the God-Emperor himself. These kits come with a variety of weapon options, and parts to build one warrior from each squad as a mighty Shield-Captain, and build one Custodian Guard as a standard-bearing Vexilus Praetor. Rounding out the box are 10 Sisters of Silence, the galaxy’s premier psyker hunters, who can be assembled as Witchseekers, Vigilators, or Prosecutors.

Alongside them, a new Champion is available individually. Here’s the Blade Champion:


An inspiring HQ choice for Adeptus Custodes armies, the Champion is a consummate swordsman who can effortlessly parry attacks and cut down any foe with his specialist fighting styles. The model includes three different heads, allowing you to choose between flocking locks or a stern helm.

Genestealer Reinforcements

Genestealers get in on the action too. The Reductus Saboteur is here:

The Reductus Saboteur is an Elites choice for Genestealer Cults armies in need of a little extra boom. This devious demolitions expert has the best bombs for any situation, whether you need to booby trap the battlefield or destroy enemy vehicles. The model comes with a choice of two heads, one of them heavily-scarred – handle explosives with care!

Skaven and Sylvaneth

Of course, in the Mortal Realms things are heating up. And where there’s heat, there’s Skaven. Because where there’s anything, there’s Skaven.

And in Echoes of Doom, Sylvaneth amd Skaven clash over soulpods.


In the box you’ll get 42 miniatures, including some of the new ones we’ve seen at Warhammer Fest Online, like the Deathmaster and the Lady of Vines.

All this, next week!

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