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D&D: Five Magic Bows That Even Legolas Would Envy

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Jun 5 2022

These magic bows won’t necessarily help you surf a shield down a staircase, firing arrow after arrow, but they will make you look as good as Orlando Bloom.

When it comes to ranged weapons, D&D has always had an interesting relationship – while the game is full of magical melee weapons that do all kinds of crazy things, most magic bows tend to come in two camps: they make you shoot just a little bit better or further and that’s about it. Even the Oathbow, which is one of the iconic D&D weapons is kinda boring because you swear an oath of vengeance and then it just helps you kill one creature better than the rest.

That’s why we’re digging into the greatest treasure trove of D&D arcana there is, the Encyclopedia Magicka, and unearthing five magic bows that would make even Legolas sit down.

Bow of Levitation

This bow, as the name suggests, allows you to levitate. But it doesn’t only do that–it keeps you at least 1 foot off the ground at all times while you’re wielding it. So you can always have your perfect archery perch. Sure, you can’t wield any weapon other than a dagger or knife, and you can only move 5 feet in any direction other than up, but it keeps you safe and sound if your enemies can’t get you.

Illusory Bow

This one’s interesting, a relic from the days when 2nd Edition gave Illusions a good deal more power than they have now. The Illusory Bow lets you shoot illusory arrows. Any time you pull the bow back, it creates an illusory arrow that actually works if your target believes it’s real (so, if they fail a save). Unlimited ammo that proves the power of the mind.

Heracles’s Bow

This one makes you shoot further–but we’re putting it in here because it makes you shoot a lock further. It has a range of up to one mile and as long as you’re shooting at someone within half a mile, you can’t miss.


Bow of Doubling

This bow has the special power of being a contra power up. Any time you fire it, it creates and fires a second arrow–if the first shot hits, so does the second. If the first one misses, the second still has the normal chance to hit. Double tap, every time.

Ajagava Bow

This one is noteworthy because this bow doesn’t shoot arrows. It shoots curses. Like the spell. There’s no limit to how many curses it can fire, and it has a 600 foot range, so if you’re firing it, you’re cursing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women.

What’s the best magic bow you’ve ever used? Let us know in the comments!

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